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Qatar Immigration: Health Insurance now Mandatory for Work Visa Holders

Qatar has recently introduced critical changes to its immigration laws, which make health insurance compulsory for foreign employees.

Posted in: Middle East
Published Date: 02 November 2023

National healthcare systems in Qatar

The new mandate stipulates that individuals with a multi-entry work visa need to secure a health insurance policy from a company vetted and approved by the Qatari Ministry of Public Health (MoPH).

According to their website, the Qatari government values the well-being of visitors, including those coming to conduct business, and wants to ensure that they receive quality healthcare services if needed.


New Health Insurance Requirement in Qatar

Employers who conduct work in Qatar should note that anyone applying for a multi-entry work visa must buy a health insurance policy from an accredited insurer listed on the MoPH website. This includes international health insurance schemes that meet specific criteria, such as covering the Qatar region. This policy should remain valid for the whole duration of the visa.

While there has been no official announcement, the Qatari government website mentions the new insurance mandate, and the visa application process cannot be completed on the Ministry of Interior’s online portal without providing health insurance information.

Previously, health insurance was mandatory only for tourist and family visit visas, as a part of Qatar’s New Health Insurance Scheme.


Rules for Existing Work Visa Holders Returning to Qatar

The new health insurance mandate may also impact employees who already possess a multi-entry work visa. They may need to organise a health insurance policy before their next trip to Qatar or upon arrival in Qatar. But this will be subject to the discretion of border authorities.

Individuals already in Qatar on a multi-entry work visa can obtain health insurance to avoid possible inconvenience and ensure a smooth departure. Important to note is that the insurance policy should cover the remaining duration of the visa.

Existing visa holders wishing to make amendments to their visa will need to provide a health insurance policy when submitting the amendment application. Again, the policy should cover the entire visa period.

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