AGS Relocation’s quality programme meets international standards and contains consistent, measurable objectives. We undergo regular audits to ensure that quality is a daily commitment for everyone in our organisation.

AGS Relocation’s quality programme is built on three principles:
Safety – We are committed to the safety of our assignees and employees. Detailed processes ensure that we protect everyone involved in the moving process.
Reliability – Consistency is a hallmark of reliability and we ensure that our service delivery process is reliable and consistent from move to move.
Excellence – Excellence in our industry means exceeding client expectations with every move and can only happen when everything we do is based on quality.

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Our Services Pledge

With highly skilled people, AGS Relocation is able to drive quality through performance.

We are committed to provide:

  • A professional and customer-focused team of dedicated international relocation experts.
  • Timely, streamlined and accurate communication to create a seamless environment in which our relocation services are delivered.
  • A confidential, innovative and entrepreneurial work environment.
  • A complete and transparent network of suppliers/partners representing the leaders in their respective fields.
  • A bundle of pre-hire decision-making tools at no cost.
  • A flexible approach regarding content and format of all reporting requirements.
  • Flexibility: our hubs provide a 24/7 service span around the world, enabling us to deal with any customer request on a real-time basis.
  • An innovative, comprehensive and creative IT environment that meets the complex challenges of the industry.