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This global company sought a GM provider with a matching international footprint and a strong IT solution

The Client: A leading provider of water management services. Headquartered in Europe, they have a presence on five continents. For several years, AGS has provided them with removal, immigration and relocation services.

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Published Date: 13 June 2024

AGS Becomes Global Mobility Provider, Expanding Their Global Network

They needed a global mobility service provider who could deliver across all territories

As a global business, the client has a worldwide requirement for mobility services. With a bias towards their European headquarters, their international relocations include people at all levels of the organisation. This includes existing employees tasked with establishing new territories or taking an executive position in an existing territory. It also includes relocating new hires for specialist roles, such as engineers and technicians.

When they approached AGS to tender their services, they were looking for a global provider, with a strong European presence, who was able to deliver the same standard of service in all territories. They also required a provider with an IT solution that could centralise all operations in a single tool.


They got a partnership that goes beyond their day-to-day requirements

AGS Forms Global Mobility Partnership With International Leader in Water Management Services
AGS met the brief and won the tender. As well as being able to provide the required services in all territories, they also have IRISE, a practical, collaborative IT platform that delivers everything the client needs.

While IRISE has proven successful, particularly to initiate new cases, the client has come to prefer a more direct, human approach with AGS. They want to deal with people, not technology. This has developed into a relationship based on trust, good communication and problem-solving.

Underpinning this relationship is the flexible approach AGS take to meeting their needs. That might mean paying a third-party invoice the client couldn’t otherwise pay. Or it could involve sharing insight and experience that persuades a potential new hire, and their family, to accept a role in a distant country. If it’s acceptable and feasible, they will do it. It is, for AGS the meaning of partnership. Which is how they see themselves. Not as a provider, but as a partner.


Resulting in satisfied assignees and two contract extensions

To measure their performance, AGS have a quality questionnaire for each case they manage. Initially sent by AGS, the client has since incorporated this into their internal supplier review process. The result is that the assignees are Very Satisfied with the service provided by AGS.

Another significant indicator of quality and customer satisfaction is that they are renewing the contract for a second time. What’s more, they want to extend the contract to include new territories, where they have previously used local providers. This will include domestic and international moves, with the latter covering removals and immigration.

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