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How to make your expats brains explode (plus a brain-saving app)

Moving to a different country is stressful – especially while working 40+ hours per week. Keeping track of all the necessary to-dos and steps is difficult enough even if all the information comes from one point of contact.

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Published Date: 16 November 2023

New expat program makes global mobility process easier

In reality though, your expat may not only be contacted by different teams in Global Mobility and HR but also by a variety of providers. When talking to expats this is often a source of complaint. Not only are they sent a lot of information, but providers and HR employees often request the same information from them multiple times. Imagine giving your name, address, and birth date to five different people – even though you already gave all those details to HR.

What has proven to be effective – especially in the digital age – is a platform that can communicate with third-party vendors. A single portal for the expat to see all their tasks and enter their information just once.


Introducing IRISE: The Full-Service Relocation management app.

Developed in house to be a central dashboard for the assignee and their employer alike, our IRISE app offers the key features needed to execute and track an assignment, but the one assignees benefit from immediately is our supplier portal.

Instead of being contacted by the household goods moving company, the real estate agent, and the area consultant, who all need a copy of their passport, the assignee receives a checklist of documents to upload securely to IRISE. Suppliers then access these shared documents via the portal as and when needed, each with their unique and secure login.

What’s more, suppliers are only given access to the documents they need to deliver their service. That means the home search consultant never sees your assignee’s passport because they don’t need it to do their job.

This tiered access is built in to IRISE to promote data privacy and is just one of the many features that has earned the app the ISO27001 certification for information security.

It is a powerful tool behind an astonishingly simple and intuitive interface that, when combined with the empathy of an experienced relocation coordinator, allows us to inject order and tranquillity into your global mobility programme.

If you’re keen to lower your assignees’ blood pressure and simplify assignment management for yourself (no more spreadsheets!) contact us for a free demonstration of our IRISE app.