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This client sought consistency, reliability, and trust in their GM services provider. They found it in AGS Relocation.

The client is a Dutch organisation that researches and creates innovative solutions for a variety of industries. Based across several sites in the Netherlands, they hire researchers and engineers from around the world. They also send their own employees to carry out research in various global locations.

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Published Date: 17 May 2024

Trusted Collaboration with a Global Services Provider: AGS Relocation

Over the past four years, AGS Relocation has supported them by moving people to the Netherlands from many different countries and continents. AGS also assists a small number of the client’s employees who travel the world for research projects. The client partners with AGS on a wide range of mobility services that include temporary accommodation, home and school search, and household goods removals.


An Account Manager they trusted to deliver at a level they expected

Professional and Worry Free Relocation ServicesThe client approached AGS to continue a working relationship with an account manager that had joined AGS from their former provider. They sought someone that could achieve their global mobility needs, while, at the same time, reducing the workload on their HR department.

With their previous account manager now their point of contact once more, they trusted that the service packages that AGS would design would meet their requirements. As it turned out, they made the right decision.


Simple global mobility solutions and shared knowledge

Consistent, reliable service delivery was top of the agenda. With a quick implementation – including the use of IRISE for initiations – AGS set up a simple and flexible approach to service delivery.

Three bespoke service packages were designed that would satisfy the requirements of the client’s core policies:

Package One, limited services that included home search and settling in services.

Package Two, an enhancement of Package One, with additional services such as airport transfers and temporary accommodation bookings.

Package Three, offered services over and above those provided in packages 1 and 2, including area orientation.

These new relocation packages were designed to be modular but offered the client the opportunity to adapt each package with additional la carte services.


Strategic mobility policy advice

Strategic Advice on Internal Global Mobility PolicyGoing beyond relocation services, AGS has also helped the client understand how the Dutch housing market has changed. In the past year, this has included two presentations for their wider HR function. The first was for 22 members of their recruitment team. The second was for 30 HR Business Partners. These sessions were designed to share awareness and knowledge, with a focus on the rental market. Outlining the challenges that employees face, AGS Relocation provided the client’s HR team with clear and useful insights into the market and how policies impact their employees, particularly at a time when the cost of living is a significant challenge.


Thought leadership

Through knowledge sharing sessions and a strong partnership built on trust, AGS Relocation has helped the client adapt their policies to accommodate changes in the market and the challenges their employees face as a result. This includes simple changes like increases in allowances, extended periods in temporary accommodation and the inclusion of household goods removals with every request.


A growing relationship and positive feedback

The relationship has grown each year. Beginning with the three basic packages, the client has since added partner support and cultural training, among other AGS services. It is a solid partnership that is the result of strong communication, responsiveness, and transparency.

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