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Immigration UAE: New ID card streamlines visa application process

Effective 12 December 2022, foreign nationals who successfully apply to work in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), are now issued with a physical Emirates Identification Card (EID) instead of a traditional passport sticker.

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Published Date: 05 January 2023

New ID card to work in Dubai

Dubai is the last of the seven emirates to implement the new regulation which was announced by the UAE Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Ports Security (ICP) in April 2022.


Why Emirate EIDs make the visa application process easier for you

  • Dubai-bound assignees’ passports no longer need to be submitted as part of the application
  • The work permit and EID can be applied for in a single application (previously the process involved two separate applications)
  • Successful applicants can download their visas/EIDs electronically via a mobile app (a physical EID is usually posted a week after the online version is made available)


What your assignees need to know about the Emirates ID

  • Assignees must present their EIDs instead of their residence visas when entering or exiting the UAE
  • Dubai-bound assignees who were issued visas before 12 December 2022 must present their passports (with visa sticker) along with their EIDs

The EID is the main form of identification in the UAE, and citizens and foreign nationals are expected to hold an EID by law. The EID for foreign nationals contains a 3D-picture to show the date of birth of the holder, biometric data, and all the information previously included on the passport sticker, including visa status, profession and employer name.

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