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Paris 2024: the headache of finding accommodation during the Olympics

Finding accommodation in Paris has become a challenge in the run-up to the Olympics and Paralympics. More than 16 million people will descend on the capital between 26 July and 8 September, creating an acute housing shortage for those wishing to settle in the city for a longer period.

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Published Date: 04 April 2024

Accommodation problems for 2024 Olympics in Paris, France

Settling in Paris and the Île de France region this summer will be complicated. And with good reason: the Olympic and Paralympic Games are bringing unprecedented numbers of visitors to the city. And they all need somewhere to sleep.

In response, Parisian landlords have pushed up the rent. For a stay of 4-7 days during the summer months, the average cost is now around 1,021 euros per night, according to the monthly Le Parisien-Lycaon Immo barometer that groups the main platforms (Airbnb, Abritel,, PAP). In the luxury segment, rates are now at 112,000 euros per week. Nevertheless, property owners can expect to find tenants for around 30 nights over the period. The same is true for the capital’s outlying districts, such as Montreuil, and for one-off rentals like shared flats.


The long-term impact of the Olympics on real estate

Similarly, many Parisian property owners are waiting for the games to end before putting their properties up for sale. According to a Masteos study published in September 2023, they are counting on the event to boost real estate value.

The so-called Olympic Effect has been felt in every city that has hosted the Olympics. In Tokyo, after the 2021 Games, the price per square meter increased by 22%, by 24% in London in 2012, and by 14% in Athens in 2004. According to a study by Lloyd’s Bank, the average increase is around 17%, with London a particularly striking example: an increase of 61% over ten years.


Accommodation solutions to suit everyone

As such, assignees due to arrive in the capital in the next few months are facing a serious housing shortage. If you can’t delay your arrival or increase your overall relocation budget, AGS recommends trying to increase your accommodation budget by reducing or eliminating other relocation expenses. Also explore living further from the city and be willing to compromise on some of your requirements.

But watch out for subletting! The practice is illegal in France and authorities have warned private house hunters to look out for unscrupulous landlords and tenants. AGS Paris offers compliant home search solutions. Our knowledge of real estate in Paris and our extensive network of realtors can also speed up your search.

The AGS team is mobilised to find the most suitable solutions for your Paris-bound assignees over the coming months. Even during the Olympics, we can create a tailored strategy to minimise their inconvenience, be it for housing, schooling, or immigration.

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